Rain Poem

by Joshua Kaye

Solo Piano, mellow / slow

bpm 04:14

By adding this track to your Syfonix account you can now be paid for posting content on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram!

To monetize your YouTube videos, download the track from this page by pressing the download arrow. Use the track in a video you create (usually as background music). Make sure to use at least 30 seconds of the Syfonix track. After posting your video on your YouTube channel, copy the link to YouTube video.

Return to this page and paste the link below. You will know that YouTube has detected the Syfonix track because it will display the song title and artist in the information which appears below your video. When YouTube begins to place ads before your video, you will receive a share of the ad revenue. You will also make money each time a YouTube Premium subscriber views your video.

To monetize your TikTok, Facebook/Instagram Stories, and Instagram Reels, search for “Rain Poem (Syfonix)” in the audio libraries provided by TikTok and Facebook/Instagram (Stories and Reels). You can also view all the Syfonix tracks in the audio libraries by searching for the word “Syfonix”. Select “Future Dreams (Syfonix)” and use it in your TikTok, Facebook/Instagram Story or Reels. After posting, be sure to copy the link (for Facebook Stories you will need to copy the URL from your browser).

Now you can return to this page and paste the link below. The more TikTok videos, Facebook/Instagram Stories, and Instagram Reels you create with Syfonix tracks, the more you will be paid. So remember to use a Syfonix track each time you share content!

Syfonix receives revenue from the platforms and then splits the revenue received 50/50 with Syfonix members. YouTube and TikTok revenue is received quarterly. Facebook and Instagram may take longer as they have only recently begun making payments.

You are now able to be compensated as a content creator. Congratulations on becoming a valued member of the Syfonix community!