About Us

Welcome to Syfonix! We provide content creators a new way to monetize their content. Using our free and easy to use patent pending technology you can now get paid when you post content YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Here’s how Syfonix works on YouTube:

Just use Syfonix tracks in the videos (usually as background music) you upload to YouTube and paste the link to your videos into your Syfonix account.

Since Syfonix tracks have been previously qualified to receive monetization on the YouTube platform, your content containing Syfonix tracks will receive ad revenue as well as revenue generated from YouTube Premium subscribers.

Here’s how Syfonix works on Facebook/Instagram (Stories and Reels), and TikTok:

Facebook/Instagram (Stories and Reels), and TikTok provide audio libraries to choose music for your posts. Search for “Syfonix” in the audio library to see a list of tracks you can use to make your post monetized. After choosing a Syfonix track and posting your content, make sure to copy a link to your content and paste it in your Syfonix account (for Facebook Stories you will have to open the post on a desktop and copy the URL since links for Stories are not available within the Facebook App).

Congratulations on becoming a monetized content creator!